New Balance CEO runs and bikes for a mental escape



What do you do?

I typically run 4 to 5 miles two or three times a week and bike on weekends for 75 to 100 miles. Once a week I try to get with my trainer at Equinox at Dartmouth, which keeps me working on the right things. I don’t listen to music or anything when I’m working out. I’m in my private mode. It’s a mental escape as much as a physical one.

Do you run outdoors, indoors, or both?

I can walk or spin indoors, but running indoors drives me nuts. I actually like running in cold weather, as long as the roads are stable. And my route is pretty much the same every day: from my home in the South End to the Esplanade, then Mass. Ave. to Berkeley Street and back home. That’s about 4.8 miles.



I ride with two groups: one out of Wellesley, the other out of Sharon. We typically do 35-50 miles each weekend morning. I also ski a lot in the winter.

Do you step up your training for charity races?

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Not really. I’m more in a defensive mode at this point, trying to slow the decay. For the last four or five years I’ve focused on three special events: Run to Home Base, which just happened; the Pan-Mass Challenge, from Sturbridge to Provincetown; and the New Balance Falmouth Road Race.

Have you always focused on fitness?

I’ve always been fairly active. Because of our culture at New Balance, though, I’m definitely more active now. I travel a lot and try to get in a run when I’m on the road, or rent a bike and go for a ride. At 54, I’m in better shape than I was at 40. Not great, but better.