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Mother pushes nose job, daughter gets revenge on film

Hanna Halkouskaya

It’s almost like an episode of the “Jerry Springer’’ show: A mom nags her daughter for years to get a nose job, and the daughter takes revenge by making a film about it.

But there’s complexity that overcomes the cartoonishness: Mom is a willing participant, not a hidden-camera victim, in Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Gayle Kirschenbaum’s 13-minute ode to her nose and comeuppance of her mother, who’s trying to slice the bump off of it.

Yet this mother is hardly alone: A young mother points to her preschooler’s nose in the film and announces, “This is a nose job in the making.’’ (Kirschenbaum told me that the woman was her sister-in-law.)


What makes the short film so compelling is that Kirschenbaum’s mother agreed to star in a project that’s branding her with a scarlet B for bad mother.

“She was my torturer, but now we’re friends and traveling companions,’’ Kirschenbaum said. The transformation of their relationship is the subject of a full-length documentary, which the filmmaker trying to fund via the website Kickstarter.com.

prunella wrote


Disturbing enough what the mother has done to the adult daughter’s feelings of self-worth, but to see the sister-in-law telling a LITTLE GIRL that she needs a nose job made me sick.

Effrontery wrote


At least the little girl has Kirshenbaum as an auntie, and a nose role model.