Like father like son, says new Bruin Christian Hanson

 Dave Hanson (left) in “Slap Shot.’’
Dave Hanson (left) in “Slap Shot.’’

The importance of pedigree can be overstated, but not in the case of new Bruin Christian Hanson (inset). Never mind the winger’s size (6-foot-4, 228 pounds) or scoring touch (10 goals, 11 assists in 52 games last year with the Capitals’ AHL team), his father is Dave Hanson , one of the fictional Hanson Brothers from the celebrated 1977 hockey flick, “Slap Shot.” (The Hansons were the hilarious bespectacled, stringy-haired goons who played Paul Newman’s teammates.) In Christian Hanson, the B’s have themselves a Hollywood legend once removed. “Let’s get this straight, it’s the greatest sports movie of all time,” Christian said Wednesday. (No argument here.) The Notre Dame grad told us he’s seen the movie “a handful of times” and is reminded of it frequently by teammates. “Usually, the first roadtrip of the season, it gets put into the DVD player, and you always get the one or two guys who try to recite the entire movie.” Hanson said his father, who played in 33 NHL games and now lives in Pittsburgh, is his best friend and biggest influence. “The Hanson Brothers still go on tour all the time and have raised millions of dollars for charity. . . . That’s pretty cool.”