Tom Brady covers VMan

(photos by Mario Testino)

Much as he likes dabbling in fashion, we really prefer Tom Brady in a football uniform. The latest example is TB12’s photo spread in VMan magazine’s Fall 2012 issue. Dubbed “America’s Alpha Dog,” the Pats QB appears on the cover with what looks like a very irritated Doberman Pinscher, and in one of photographer Mario Testino’s slick pics inside, Brady is posing with a studded dog collar. (To quote a few of our female friends: “Grrr”) In an accompanying Q&A with fashion designer Tom Ford, Brady says he wants to have four kids (he has two now) and to continue play football into his 40s (he’s 35 now.) The three-time Super Bowl champ also reveals that he and wife Gisele Bundchen are all moved into their enormous new LA home (designed by architect A Single Man.” There is one funny moment when Brady asks Ford how many times he’s worked with Bundchen. “Say that again?” says Ford. “Oh God, I thought you meant how many times did I sleep with her. I was about to say ‘Never.’ You sounded so tough.” Appearances or reputation aside, Brady insists his bark is worse than his bite. “My wife and I are very affectionate. It’s just part of our nature,” he says. “I’m not really concerned with portraying this tough warrior — I mean, that’s part of my job and I take that very seriously. But I don’t have anything to hide and I’m not concerned with what people think.”