Globe reporter gets Travel Channel gig

(Travel Channel)

Globe arts reporter Geoff Edgers is one of the Travel Channel’s new stars. The network confirmed on Monday that Edgers — who’s covered the New England arts scene for the Globe for more than a decade — will star in “Edge of America,” a new series that will feature the West Concord writer doing strange American things in scenic American places. (One episode will have Edgers at a calf-testicle festival in Oklahoma.) Edgers will continue his job at the Globe, so he’ll be living on the edge during his downtime. The Travel Channel told us yesterday that the show will air early next year. Edgers is no stranger to the camera. He produced and starred in the 2010 documentary “Do It Again,” in which he tried (unsuccessfully) to reunite the Kinks, and wound up performing some of his favorite songs by the band with stars such as Sting and Zooey