Brian Evans, singer with a checkered past, has an all-night shoot at Fenway

Brian Evans, the Haverhill-bred crooner whose song “At Fenway” has been played at the ballpark and also been added to the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s library, hung around Fenway after Tuesday’s game to film a video for his local hit. We’re told he was joined by “Star Trek” actor William Shatner and car magnate Ernie Boch Jr., who will appear in the video. Shatner will play an umpire. Evans’s publicist told us that the video for “At Fenway” will also include Oscar-nominated actor
Morgan Freeman, who’ll do voice-overs. (We’ll believe it when we hear it.) Evans (inset) is a colorful character whose bio includes a criminal
record. In the early 1990s, he was picked up by police for impersonating “American Top 40” radio host Casey Kasem and charging plane tickets in Kasem’s name. He later served time in prison for violating his parole by leaving California to sing the national anthem at Camden Yards in Baltimore. Evans performed the anthem at Fenway Tuesday, and managed to get off the field without incident. That was not the case in June 1990, when he sang the anthem at Fenway and then, moments later, was led away in handcuffs. Boston police told the Globe at the time that Andover police had a warrant for
Evans, charging him with defrauding the Sheraton Rolling Green. Evans’s rep tells us that 400 fans stuck around after Tuesday’s game to watch Evans film the video.