Ryan Lochte at the Boys & Girls Clubs in South Boston

Scott Proposki

Swimmer Ryan Lochte , the 11-time Olympic medalist whose star is rising in Hollywood, stopped by the Boys & Girls Clubs in South Boston Friday as part of a Gillette promotion. Lochte told a roomful of kids the key to success is hard work and having fun. He spent an hour posing for photos, signing autographs, and answering questions, including this hard-hitting query: “Do you think you’re better than Michael Phelps ?” His answer: “Uh, everyone has a good day and a bad day, and anyone can get beaten any day. . . . It’s kind of hard to tell who’s the greatest.” Lately, Lochte has been making a splash outside of the pool. The Olympian guest-starred on “90210” and appeared alongside Alec Baldwin on “30 Rock,” flaunting his abs as the show’s “sex idiot.” “I’m used to just swimming up and down the pool all the time, but being able to go out of my comfort zone and do something totally different was a lot of fun,” he told us. Lochte said he’s hoping for more primetime exposure. “We’re working on it right now, hopefully having a reality TV show.”