‘Fighter’ director to film in Boston again

Director David O. Russell apparently enjoyed filming “The Fighter” here because he’s making another movie in the Bay State, and he’s bringing with him a couple of the actors from that film. We’re told that Russell, who earned an Oscar nomination for the movie about Lowell-bred boxer Micky Ward, is set to start shooting around Boston with a cast that includes Christian Bale (who won an Oscar for his portrayal of Ward’s brother Dicky Eklund ), Amy Adams (who played Ward’s girlfriend), as well as Bradley Cooper (who worked with Russell on “Silver Linings Playbook”), and Jeremy Renner (who knows his way around Boston having shot “The Town” here with Ben Affleck.)

No word on when filming will start, or where precisely Russell will be setting up his cameras. The film, written by Eric Warren Singer, who penned the Clive Owen action-thriller “The International,” doesn’t yet have a title. (Well, there was a title, but it contained an expletive, and that won’t fly with the Motion Picture Association of America.)

We’re told the movie is about a financial con artist, played by Bale, and his pretty partner in crime, played by Adams, who works with a federal agent, played by Cooper, to undermine other con artists, mobsters, and dirty pols. Renner plays the volatile head of the New Jersey state assembly, who’s something of a local hero to his constituents. (If that sounds like the 1970s FBI sting operation known as “Abscam,” it’s supposed to; the film is loosely based on it.)


Neither the studio nor the state’s film office would comment Monday, but we’re told the movie is definitely a go, which is good news for Teamsters and other local folks who work with Hollywood in the Hub.