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Jenni Rivera’s death is confirmed

US authorities confirmed Monday that Jenni Rivera, 43, the US-born singer whose soulful voice and openness about her personal troubles made her a Mexican-American superstar, was killed along with six others in a plane crash in northern Mexico. The National Transportation Safety Board said it was sending a team to help investigate the crash, and the board said Mexican authorities had informed them that Rivera had died in the accident. Rivera’s relatives in the United States already had few doubts that she was on the Learjet 25 that disintegrated on impact Sunday in rugged territory in Nuevo Leon state.

Winter’s mother sues

The mother of ‘‘Modern Family’’ star Ariel Winter is suing an associate of her other daughter, saying he called her abusive in the comments of a story about a custody battle for the teenage actress. Chrisoula Workman filed the defamation and false light lawsuit Monday in Los Angeles. Workman has been accused of being emotionally abusive to Winter and temporarily lost custody of her daughter in October. Winter is currently living with her adult sister Shanelle Gray.

So sorry

“The thought that we may have played a part in that is gut-wrenching.” - Mel Greig, Australian DJ, apologizing for the hoax call her station made to the Duchess of Cambridge at a London hospital, which turned tragic when the nurse they reached committed suicide.