Mark Wahlberg open to a Funky Bunch reunion

Just because Mark Wahlberg says he’d get back together with the Funky Bunch, that doesn’t mean he will. In an interview with a British magazine, the actor formerly known as Marky Mark said he “might” reunite with his old band, but “I’ve just got to find the right time.” We’ll believe it when we see Wahlberg once again rapping along to “Good Vibrations,” the Funky Bunch’s one and only hit. TMZ caught up with a few former members of the group and they’re understandably excited by the prospects of a reunion. Terry Yancey and Hector Barros told the website: “Our initial reaction was that it would be amazing if he were to want to reunite with the group.” But we’re reminded of a CD-release party the Funky Bunch hosted a few years ago at the Harp. The guys swore that Marky Mark was going to show up. He didn’t. Of course.