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Ari Seth Cohen says age is in your mind

From left: Letty Zander, 96, Ari Seth Cohen, and Sylvia Carle, 97, at Orchard Cove.Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff/Globe Staff

Ari Seth Cohen owes his career to his grandmother, but not because he inherited her business or her wealth. Cohen shares her sense of style. "My grandma was one of my best friends," he says. "She was a wonderful example of getting older, staying active, and staying creative as you get older." A New York-based photographer, Cohen runs the popular blog Advanced Style, which is focused on fashionable women in their 70s, 80s, and beyond. We caught up with him at Hebrew SeniorLife's Orchard Cove in Canton, where he was chatting with a group of admiring — and adventurous — oldsters. The blog, which Cohen began in 2008, has been viewed by 10 million people and led some advertisers to put more seniors folks in their TV and print spots. "Some people don't want to stand out and I understand that," says Cohen. "The blog is just about what you can do, about a sense of freedom. Look, you've earned the right to be expressive. Why should you stop being noticed and appreciated because you're older?" Good question.