Comedy fest for $5k

The latest local celeb to use Kickstarter for greatness is Massachusetts’s own Eugene Mirman, who announced this week that he’s trying to raise $5,000 to help bring the Brooklyn, N.Y.-
based Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival to Boston and Cambridge on June 28-30. Mirman (inset) says that if you donate to the festival, your money will help “pay a living wage to the people who work really hard to make this event possible,” “build a cardboard VIP room for festival attendees filled with bottles of Cognac, pillows, and tasteful 1960s pornography,” and “provide the opportunity for people to have their picture taken at the festival with a baby.” That’s money well spent, yes? Performers include H. Jon Benjamin, Wyatt Cenac, and Katie McCarthy. Mirman is best known for his stand-up, and for roles on “Flight of the Conchords” and “Bob’s Burgers.”