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Lithgow options Lipman’s ‘The Family Man’

Dinner parties can sometimes yield business deals. Just ask author Elinor Lipman. The Northamption (and New York) novelist found herself eating with actor John Lithgow not long ago, and it was suggested by a few others at the table the Oscar nominee would a make a great Henry Archer, the main character in Lipman’s “The Family Man.” (The book, published in 2009, is about a guy who reconnects with a long-lost stepdaughter and finds his life turned upside down.) “Hardly anyone follows up on idle
table banter, let alone reads and options, but he did,” says Lipman. Prompted apparently by their conversation, Lithgow optioned the book and plans to adapt and star in the movie. But before you get too excited, Lipman’s been through this before and the process does not move swiftly. Her first novel, “Then She Found Me,” was optioned and it only took 19 years to make it to the big screen. (Directed by Helen Hunt, the film starred Hunt,
Colin Firth, Bette Midler, and
Matthew Broderick.)