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    ‘Ray Donovan’ is a ratings hit for Showtime

    Suzanne Tenner/Showtime

    A day after it was reported that the Boston-based Sandra Bullock-Melissa McCarthy comedy “The Heat” earned $40 million at the box office, Showtime reported that the premiere of its drama “Ray Donovan,” which follows a Southie family in LA, set a ratings record for the network. The first episode of the show, which stars Liev Schreiber (above) as a Southie guy who cleans up problems for the rich and famous, was watched by 1.35 million people, according to The Hollywood Reporter. That means it beat the 2011 premiere of the network’s popular drama “Homeland” (1.1 million). . . . Meanwhile, Paul Feig has told Yahoo Movies that a sequel for “The Heat” is already being written. The director of the film, who also helmed “Bridesmaids,” said, “We’ve got [screenwriter] Katie Dippold writing away on one.” Considering Boston played such a big role in the first film, we assume that Feig will set the action here again. Dippold also writes for Amy Poehler’s sitcom “Parks and Recreation.”