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    Day at the races for Rob Gronkowski, the dog

    Wilbur Thompson

    Rob Gronkowski won the Palm Beach Kennel Club’s $20,000 Gallagher/Kinnaird Puppy Stakes on Monday. Of course, we’re referring to Rob Gronkowski, the greyhound owned by Steve M. Sarras, who lived in Brockton until the state shut down dog racing a few years ago. Sarras told us that he’s a huge Patriots fan and wanted to represent the team by naming the fast dog after a player. “Gronkowski and Brady — when you’re from New England, who doesn’t love them?,” said Sarras, who now lives in West Virginia, and was traveling to Arkansas with Gronkowski on Tuesday afternoon. “He is in the back of my pickup truck,” Sarras said by phone during the ride. “We made him up a special bed.” Sarras explained that he was especially pleased that his Gronk won at the Palm Beach Kennel Club, because it’s owned by the Rooney family, which also owns the Pittsburgh Steelers. That’s why Sarras wore his Pats jersey to his big photo-op. “It was a turf war,” Sarras said with a laugh. We should mention that the dog that came in eighth at the race was named Daphne Zuniga, as in the actress. Someone must be a big fan of “Melrose Place.” Or “Spaceballs.”