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Boston Public Library welcomes writer Annie Hartnett

From left: 2012-13 writer-in-residence Hollis Shore, Associates of BPL’s Vivian K. Spiro, Annie Hartnett. Louisa D. Stephens/Associates of the Boston Public Library/Associates of the Boston Public Library
Sophie Zunz (left) and Lisa Pierpont (second from left) eye the Emporio Armani fashions at Copley Place.Bill Brett for The Boston Globe

The Boston Public Library welcomed its new writer-in-residence, Annie Hartnett, during a reception. Hartnett, who lives in Newton, is the BPL’s 10th Children’s Writer-in-Residence, chosen on the basis of an excerpt of her proposed novel, about a family’s struggle to cope with the death of their mother, who drowned while sleepwalking. . . . Composer Laurie Anderson was the keynote speaker at last week’s Conference on International Opportunities on the Arts, held at BU by the TransCultural Exchange. (We don’t have a photo because she wouldn’t allow photographers.) Florian Dombois, winner of the 2010 German Sound Art Prize, created a temporary public artwork for the conference, which included a green laser shot through the Boston skyline. . . . Marie Claire’s Zanna Roberts Rassi joined fashionistas Erica Corsano and Joanna Humphrey to check out fall/winter 2013 fashions of Emporio Armani at Copley Place.


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