A little musical trash talking broke out on the roof of Symphony Hall Tuesday when the brass section of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, outfitted in Red Sox jerseys, played an arrangement of “Anything You Can Do” and “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”

Seiji Ozawa (right) leads the BSO brass section in a couple of Red Sox-related tunes on the roof of Symphony Hall.
Seiji Ozawa (right) leads the BSO brass section in a couple of Red Sox-related tunes on the roof of Symphony Hall.BOSTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA

It was organized by trumpeter Michael Martin, whose friends at the St. Louis
Symphony recorded a similar piece, and led by former BSO music director Seiji Ozawa. Both songs were recorded and are being stitched into one video for your social media amusement.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people donning their best sartorial interpretations of Wally the Green Monster gathered in Boston University’s Marsh Plaza Tuesday hoping to win free tickets to a World Series game being given away by comedian and television host Ellen DeGeneres.


BU senior Nikki Lazos was the contest winner, scoring a pair of World Series tickets and $5,000.

DeGeneres’s Twitter followers stayed glued to her feed since Sunday afternoon when DeGeneres began dropping hints at a “surprise” for Boston fans. The crowd burst into “Ellen” chants and “Sweet Caroline” singalongs over whispers about Ellen’s enigmatic tweets.

“I love Ellen. I saw her tweet today when I was in class, so I got here at 2 [p.m.] and my friend ran to CVS to grab stuff for our costumes,” said BU sophomore Kelsey
, whose get-up was selected
by “Ellen” show correspondent Jeannie Klisiewicz as a finalist in the contest.

Though Ellen herself was not present for the recording of the show, which airs Wednesday at 4 p.m., the crowd roared when she appeared on the monitor with the contest challenge.

In the spirit of Halloween, costume finalists were then dared to take the scariest photo with a total stranger while still dressed in monster garb. Aside from the chance to win World Series tickets, contestants had a shot at a meet-and-greet with Sox players and the chance to sit in on a private batting practice.


“I hope this event will carry on to the celebration that will happen if and when the Red Sox win,” said BU Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore. “I have great faith, and this shows great spirit, and a big shout-out to Ellen for letting this happen.”