Cards fan pays tribute to Red Sox

While Red Sox Nation is relishing the team’s third World Series win in a decade, the swell folks of St. Louis are feeling sad. Bravo’s Andy Cohen, host of “Watch What Happens Live,” grew up a big Cardinals fan and had a good feeling about the series, especially after the obstruction call on Will Middlebrooks gave the Cards Game 3. By Wednesday, however, he was heartbroken. “I’m OK now,” said Cohen, reached in New York the morning after the Red Sox raised the trophy. “What can I say? Boston did a brilliant job. They played better.” Cohen, who went to BU, is one of the Cardinals’ few celebrity fans, along with Jon Hamm, Jenna Fischer, and Nelly. He told us it’s hard to hate on Boston, primarily because of its rich baseball tradition. “There is no way you can watch the games at Fenway and not appreciate the magic and the history and the tradition. I mean, just the sound the ball makes hitting the wall is cool.” Cohen said he watched Game 6 at home, but turned the sound down after the Sox scored a few runs. (He put on the Australian electronic duo Empire of the Sun instead of Fox announcers Tim McCarver and Joe Buck.) “I feel blessed,” he said. “October is my favorite month because the Cards are always in the postseason.” Sometimes they win, and sometimes they don’t.