Paul Reiser mad about Boston

Paul Reiser had faith in the Red Sox more than 24 hours before the team won the World Series. “I don’t imagine that Boston can lose,” Reiser said in a phone interview on Tuesday. He’s lucky he was right. His audience should be in a good mood when he headlines the annual “A Million Laughs for Literacy” gala at the Westin Boston Waterfront on Friday. Reiser, best known for the sitcoms “My Two Dads” and “Mad About You,” is back on the road doing standup these days, and he said it all started with a charity event like this one. He performed, people laughed, so he decided to take his routine out on the road. He says he’s moving at a “gentlemanly pace” — setting up dates with good breaks in between. “It’s been a blast — clubs, theaters, casinos. . . . It’s kind of like seeing old friends.” Friday’s event in Boston will put him in the city where he wished he had gone to school. Reiser still says he has fantasies about college life in Boston that involve coming home to find Ali MacGraw in his apartment. “I must have seen ‘Love Story’ too many times.” (For youngsters who don’t know, the classic romance starring MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal took place at Harvard.) The “A Million Laughs for Literacy” gala is put on by National Braille Press, and will honor State Street Corp. CEO Jay Hooley for supporting the organization’s mission to promote literacy among blind children and to get information in braille to the public.