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Mike Napoli enjoys himself after parade


What do you do after attending a World Series parade in your honor? If you’re Mike Napoli, you remove your shirt and hit the streets of Boston, stopping at sports bars to play guest bartender and pose for pics with fans. The first baseman was on a tear Saturday night, showing up at Daisy Buchanan’s and McGreevy’s (the bar owned by Dropkick Murphys frontman Ken Casey) to pour drinks for fans and revel with supporters. Napoli started the party early.


Fan @realchrismason tweeted shortly after 4 p.m, when Napoli’s shirt was still on, “Yeah, Mike Napoli did just spray me with beer at McGreevey’s #LivingTheDream.” The most infamous picture taken of the bearded player was posted by Twitter user @FrankTheKoala, who caught the player topless, smoking a cigarette, and wandering down Boylston Street. “I officially won the internet for the night,” Frank later tweeted after the image began to show up everywhere (his shot was retweeted more than 2,000 times). By Sunday morning, fans were simply questioning where Napoli had wound up at the end of the night and when he called it quits. New Kid on the Block Joey McIntyre weighed in, tweeting “Wow. Wowwowwow. MikeNapoli25 walking streets of #Boston shirtless from bar to bar. 2013 Red Sox legend keeps growing.” By Sunday morning, someone had created a Twitter account called @shirtlessnapoli. The bio? “Just having a good time. See me shirtless? Tweet me pictures!” Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz was also out partying on Saturday night. He went to Emerald Lounge at the Revere Hotel with 12 guests and had a bottle of Ketel One, a magnum of Moet, and many Miller Lights. Spectators report that Buchholz kept his shirt on. . . . Players spotted out on Friday night before the big parade included Shane Victorino, who was with his family at Legal Sea Foods at the Pru, and Will Middlebrooks, who spent Friday night at Empire Asian Restaurant & Lounge.