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John Kerry has a Labrador retriever puppy

Following a negotiation that was doubtless less stressful than his efforts to open a secret dialogue with Iran, Secretary of State John Kerry is getting a dog. Kerry’s office confirmed Tuesday that the former Massachusetts senator will be in Boston for Thanksgiving and will be picking up a yellow Labrador retriever puppy (pictured) from a family friend in Maine. The dog will be named Ben in honor of Ben Franklin, who’s known as the “Father of the American Foreign Service” and for whom the State Department’s diplomatic state dining room is named. Kerry spokesman Glen Johnson said his boss has had a succession of dogs, starting with a mixed-breed stray in Vietnam (nicknamed “V.C.” by Kerry and his Navy crewmates), a golden retriever named Winston — after Winston Churchill — and a few German shepherds and schnauzers he shared with his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry.