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Jennifer Grout places third in ‘Arabs got Talent’

Jennifer Grout.JOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Images

Jennifer Grout, the 23-year-old Boston native who made the finals of “Arabs Got Talent,” a Beirut-based TV competition akin to “America’s Got Talent,” fell short in the show’s third season finale Saturday evening. Grout was eliminated minutes before the show ended, ultimately placing third. “It was a beautiful performance under pressure. We’re very proud,” said Daryl Grout, Jennifer’s father. Grout, a formally trained singer, had both wowed fans of the show and the Arab world in general, with beautiful renditions of musically difficult Arabic classics, even though she doesn’t speak Arabic. Grout had some critics who accused her of being a cultural interloper and of pretending to not speak Arabic. But overall her reception was positive, and Arab culture experts hailed her as an unwitting cultural ambassador of sorts. The Syrian dance troupe Sima won the show.