Actress Kate Winslet, who just revealed that she named her new son Bear, talks about the Massachusetts-made movie "Labor Day" in a Hollywood Reporter interview that runs Jan. 3. The actress, who was just nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in the film, tells the publication that director Jason Reitman waited to make the movie until she was ready to film. "The script came my way, and I was very excited. I'm such a huge admirer of Jason, and Josh [Brolin] was already attached. But I had to say no. I'd just wrapped the film 'Carnage' and decided I wasn't going to work for a year. I told Jason, "I'm sorry, it won't work out," and he asked, "Why not?" I admired his chutzpah. I said, "I made this commitment to my life and children." He said, "OK, can you do it next year?" So, in the meantime, he directed 'Young Adult,' I had time at home, and then we shot the film last summer in Boston. It was very hot." (We remember that. When Winslet was filming in Shelburne in June 2012, temperatures were in the mid-90s.)