‘Ted 2’ to be filmed in Boston in 2014

Mark Wahlberg in the 2012 movie “Ted.”
Mark Wahlberg in the 2012 movie “Ted.”Universal Pictures/Iloura

Since "The Forger" wrapped, Hollywood has been on something of a hiatus in the Hub. But there are a few projects in the pipeline. Given the success of Mark Wahlberg's talking teddy bear movie "Ted" — the comedy with a $50 million budget made $548 million worldwide — it should surprise no one that "Ted 2" will be shot in Boston in the new year. Also, we're told, the NBC pilot for "Odyssey" will be shot here. Described as a "Traffic"-like global conspiracy thriller, the pilot will be directed by Peter Horton, who played professor Gary Shepherd on "Thirtysomething" before becoming a successful television producer.