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    Celtic’s fulfilling New Zealand boy’s wish

    For all of the inanity and nonsensical self-promotion that social media enables, it does occasionally yield something worthwhile. Consider the case of Louis Corbett, a 12-year-old lad from New Zealand who has a condition called retinitis pigmentosa, a degeneration of the cells of the retina that eventually will cost him his eyesight. Before that happens, according to a story in the New Zealand Herald, the boy’s parents are assembling a “visual database” that includes “as many environments, colours and graphics as possible.” One of Louis’s biggest wishes is to see green — and we don’t mean cash. A serious hoops fan, Louis wants to go to a Celtics game, and his parents promptly launched a fund-raiser on Facebook to make it happen. The New Zealand Herald story made the rounds online, and before long Celtics principal owner Wyc Grousbeck and his wife, Corrine, read it. The couple, whose son Campbell is blind, were delighted to help. “We found out about Louis through the magic of social media and the fact that some of our followers knew about our connection to Perkins [School for the Blind] and tweeted the article to us,” they wrote, offering to pay for Louis and his father, Tim Corbett, to fly to Boston to watch the C’s play the Golden State Warriors on March 5. (Bank of America is opening its luxury box to the pair.) Said Louis’s father: “It’s just out-of-this-world stuff. To have someone care for a 12-year-old kid on the other side of the world is just amazing. We’ve been stunned by the generosity of people.” As much as some fans would like the Celtics to lose every game in order to improve the team’s position in the draft, it would be nice to win this one.