Ted the bear heading to ‘Wahlburgers’?

Might the foul-mouthed bear from “Ted” be making an appearance on an upcoming episode of “Wahlburgers”? Maybe, if the producer of the A&E reality show about the Hingham hamburger restaurant run by Paul, Donnie, and Mark Wahlberg can prevail upon “Ted” director Seth MacFarlane to make it happen. Since Mark Wahlberg will be in town soon shooting “Ted 2,” producer Rasha Drachkovitch thinks a little cross-promotion is in order. “We’ve talked about bringing Ted, the bear, into one of the episodes,” Drachkovitch told “Mark’s going to talk to Seth about it . . . I would love to figure out the special effects and all to have a scene where he kind of plants the movie franchise with the television series. It would be wicked cool.” Despite mostly lukewarm reviews from critics, “Wahlburgers” has been well-received by viewers. As a result, A&E has ordered 18 episodes of the show, which follows chef Paul Wahlberg as he tries to expand the restaurant with the help of brothers Donnie and Mark.