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Needham man pitches to ‘Shark’ investors

Max Valverde, creator of the Morninghead cap.

Max Valverde , a 2006 Brown University graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering, has big dreams. “I want to create products that help people,” he said. “I want to leave a mark.” The Needham man may be on his way. He’s the genius behind arguably the world’s most popular — and possibly only — cure for a messy-hair problem he calls “morninghead.” Valverde’s invention — the $8 Morninghead cap — is a cap lined with a proprietary super-absorbent cloth that enables a wearer to instantly wet his entire head. “I shower at night and every morning I had to deal with my crazy bed hair,” the inventor explained. “For years I tried wetting my hair in the sink [in the morning] — but water gets everywhere and you never really get the back of your head.” So annoying, right? In September, Valverde flew to LA, where he pitched his product to potential investors on ABC’s “Shark Tank.” His episode doesn’t air until March 21, and Valverde is keeping mum on the outcome, but he did just leave his day job. “People are speculating,” he said, “but deal or no deal, there are over
7 million viewers who like gadgets and new companies and that’s marketing you can’t pay for.” Thanks to a successful 2012 Kickstarter campaign he’s already sold more than 8,000 caps, but wants more. “I’d love to capture America’s attention.”

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