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Todd English’s NYC Olives taken over by the Gerber Group

Celebrity chef Todd English appears to be out at the New York City location of Olives. Reps involved with the restaurant issued a statement Monday saying, rather vaguely, “Gerber Group took over operations of Olives at W Union Square last week and will continue to provide loyal patrons with what they have come to enjoy from this vibrant location.” After PR company LFB Media put out its statement, Lindsey Valdez, director of marketing and brand management for Todd English Enterprises, said in an e-mail that English is “still involved in the restaurant” and that the “menus, name, and concept are staying the same.” She noted that Olives has “just now been licenced by the Gerber Group.” Founded by Rande and Scott Gerber, Gerber Group operates bars and restaurants from Los Angeles to New Orleans. The Charlestown location of Olives, which was English’s first restaurant, closed last year after a rough run that included a kitchen fire in 2010 and two-year renovation. English said at the time of the closure that he planned to open another Olives in a “new and shiny location” in the area. In related news, local real estate firm Street & Company confirmed that Isabelle’s CurlyCakes, a Todd English Enterprises business run by English’s daughter Isabelle, will not reopen on Charles Street. The bakery initially told customers it was closing temporarily for renovations, but the space is now available for lease.