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‘Who’s Taylor Swift Anyway?’ takes on a pop-country princess

“Taylor Swift Butterfly” by Torie Leigh.Torie Leigh
A painting by Elizabeth Grammaticas, based on a picture tweeted by Taylor Swift.

Brooklyn-based artist Elizabeth Grammaticas knows that no matter how you feel about Taylor Swift, there’s no escaping the peppy pop-country star. That’s why the formerly local Grammaticas, 28, chose Swift as the subject of her latest curated project, “Who’s Taylor Swift Anyway?,” which opens Friday night and runs through April 13 at Brooklyn’s Fowler Project Space. The exhibition features paintings, installations, videos, and performances that explore society’s relationship to celebrity through embodiments of Swift and her omnipresence in our cultural landscape. Grammaticas, who spent three years living in Boston and on the Cape after graduating from Rhode Island School of Design in 2008, has centered much of her artwork on pop culture, and said that for the last year, she’s found Swift’s “mundane extravagance” to be a source of inspiration. “I didn’t even care about her a year ago,” said Grammaticas, who worked at the American Repertory Theater while living in Boston. “I definitely came from a point of not liking her, but then I started to listen to [the album] ‘Red’ and went down a rabbit hole. I really got caught up in Taylor and her relatability.” In addition to paintings by Grammaticas, the exhibition features works by Jennifer McDermott, Chris Tyler, Lauren Kaelin, Elisa Kreisinger, and Torie Leigh. The latter three artists also have Massachusetts ties: Kaelin, who bases her Taylor artwork on popular memes, went to Smith College; video artist Kreisinger attended Simmons; and Leigh is a Boston-based illustrator.