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Microsoft’s Bill Gates rich enough to buy Boston

Here’s one way to quantify Bill Gates’s enormous wealth. According to the Seattle online real estate company Redfin Corp., the Microsoft cofounder, who’s worth an estimated $77.5 billion, has enough money to buy every home in the city of Boston — all 114,717 single-family homes, condos, and townhouses in the Hub. For no apparent reason, Redfin calculated 30 billionaires’ worth and figured out in what cities they could afford to buy all the homes. The Walton family, for instance, which owns Walmart and is worth $154 billion, could buy all 241,450 homes in Seattle (and still have $40 billion to spare); the controversial Koch brothers, with a fortune of $86 billion, could own Atlanta’s 286,629 homes; and Medford native Michael Bloomberg, worth $31 billion, could buy all 69,167 homes in Anaheim, Calif. The question is where in Boston would Gates live?

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