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Wes Welker would like to talk about his new hair

Wes Welker (left) with his wife, Anna, and Dr. Robert Leonard at Welker’s promotional appearance for his “hair doctor.”Bill Brett for The Boston Globe

There was a time, and it wasn’t long ago, that men didn’t talk about hair loss, or how they dealt with it. But turn on sports-talk radio these days and it seems like everyone — WEEI’s Mike Adams, NESN’s Tom Caron, Comcast SportsNet’s Tom Curran, and The Sports Hub’s Fred Toucher, to name a few — is shilling for this or that “hair doctor.” Athletes do it, too. Take former Pats receiver Wes Welker, who was in town with wife Anna on Friday to hype his buddy, Dr. Robert Leonard, the man responsible for the receiver’s not-quite-lustrous-but-new locks. “There are always those people who get a procedure done and then act like nothing happened, like, ‘I just suddenly grew hair,’ ” said Welker. He’s not one of those people. Welker isn’t ashamed to have an endorsement deal with Leonard, with whom he went to Friday’s Zac Brown Band show at Fenway. So whose hair does Welker most admire? Former teammate Tedy Bruschi. “That guy brings it,” he told us.” Tom [Brady ] has a good head of hair, but Bru is on another level.”