Factory Theatre will close in October

Many of Boston’s small theater companies started scrambling for new venues Thursday after learning that the Factory Theatre in the Piano Craft Guild building at 791 Tremont St. will close in October because its lease will not be renewed. “I’m deeply saddened,” said assistant manager Deirdre Benson . “I feel like we’ve lost a great resource for fringe theater.” Benson said the owners of the former piano factory-turned-apartment building want to gate and secure the parking lot for tenants and may repurpose the 49-seat theater space into a fitness center. (Building management did not return a call for comment.) Benson said the theater is booked through
July 2015 and that nine troupes are
affected. Among them is one of the three factory resident companies, Happy Medium Theatre, of which Benson is a board member. Happy Medium’s production of “Language of Angels” by Naomi Iizuka had been scheduled to run Oct. 24-Nov. 8.