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Did Jerry Seinfeld Yelp about Shrewsbury diner?

Jerry Seinfeld.Getty Images/File

In April, comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Aziz Ansari were spotted in Shrewsbury filming an episode of Seinfeld's Web series, "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee." They stopped by Brody's Diner during the visit, and now it appears that Seinfeld has reviewed the place on Yelp. A user with the profile name Jerry S. with Seinfeld's picture wrote, of Brody's, "Classic Truck Stop diner. Went there with Aziz Ansari on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. Rye toast has just the right amount of seeds. I counted them. Not too many, not too little. They even have a gluten free menu if you like free gluten. Bright and clean. (That was me and Aziz; not this place) Really big coffee cups, red hats, scripty font on menus. Very homey. The coffee cups are big enough to wash your feet in." We're still waiting for Yelp to verify Seinfeld's account, but Seinfeld has told fans that he has been writing Yelp reviews of all the places he visits. Last we checked, 14 Yelp users rated his review as "useful."

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