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Margery Eagan leaves the Boston Herald, joins Crux

Margery Eagan. WGBH

Longtime Boston Herald columnist Margery Eagan has joined The Boston Globe as a columnist for its forthcoming Catholicism-news website, Crux. Eagan, who’s spent 27 years writing for the Herald, will be the spirituality columnist for Crux, focusing on “issues of spirituality, contemplation, and devotion, drawing on her personal experience with her Catholic faith, as well as that of other Catholics and those of various religious traditions.” Eagan will continue to cohost, with Jim Braude, WGBH’s weekday “Boston Public Radio” show. Crux will be a website devoted to covering the institution of the Roman Catholic Church with focus on how the words and actions of Pope Francis affect Catholics worldwide. It plans to explore the practices and challenges of leading a Catholic life, publishing a wide range of thoughts and opinions of Catholics and others. Teresa Hanafin, editor of the site, said Eagan’s perspective will add a valuable dimension to Crux. “There are many, many Catholics who engage in a very deep, spiritual examination of their faith and their personal relationship with God,” Hanafin said. “Margery is of that world. She understands it, she experiences it, and now she will discuss it with the readers of Crux.” . . . Meanwhile, we’re told Channel 7 anchor Amanda Grace is departing, heading to Seattle to be closer to her family.

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