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Patriots, Timberlake take ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’

At the conclusion of practice, the Patriots took part in the "Ice Bucket Challenge" to raise money for charity. Many buckets of water were dumped, including on head coach Bill Belichick, visible at left in front of a kneeling man. The Boston Globe/Boston Globe

Another day another Ice Bucket Challenge. After Tuesday’s Patriots practice, the team gathered at the far end of the field, away from fans and media, and without fanfare players then lifted buckets over their heads and dumped water on each other. No, coach Bill Belichick was not spared and neither was owner Robert Kraft. We’re told Belichick also challenged division rivals the Jets, the Dolphins, and the Bills to do the same. Meanwhile, Boston Bombing survivors Patrick Downes and Jessica Kensky challenged Justin Timberlake, who gamely accepted, along with more than 20 pals. JT in turn challenged Jimmy Fallon, Steve Higgins, and the Roots. In the unlikely event you haven’t heard about it, the #icebucketchallenge is a viral phenomenon. The way it works is this: Donate $100 to a charity or dump ice water over your head, film it, and use social media to challenge others.