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‘Gone Girl’ with Affleck grabs Entertainment Weekly cover

Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.Entertainment Weekly

If the movie lives up to the hype, “Gone Girl” is going to be a big hit. In its new issue previewing Hollywood’s slate of fall movies, Entertainment Weekly has put on the cover a picture of Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, stars of director David Fincher’s movie based on Gillian Flynn’s best-selling book. (Flynn used to work as a TV critic for EW, so the magazine has had the first images from the much-anticipated movie.) Fincher tells the mag there was a good reason he wanted Affleck to play the character of Nick Dunne, who’s suspected of killing his wife, played by Pike. The director liked the idea that Affleck would be playing someone who’s identity is largely defined by the media. “It wasn’t something I had to do a lot of research for,” the actor told EW. “I knew what it was like to have the tabloid world paying attention to me and ascribing negative motivations to whatever I might be engaging in. I knew what it was to be cast in the soap opera I had no control over.” As for Pike, the actress said she crafted the character of Amy, at least partially, with Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy in mind. “You never heard her speak,” Pike says of Bessette-Kennedy, who died with her husband, John F. Kennedy Jr., in a plane crash in 1999. “You just see those pictures of her hiding her face. The way she moved — I used quite a lot of that body language and mood. She’s the dream girl. That’s what Amy was for Nick.” “Gone Girl” opens Oct. 3.