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Foodies lament Hamersley’s Bistro closing

Gordon Hamersley in Hamersley's Bistro. Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff/Globe Staff

It should come as no surprise that Gordon Hamersley and his wife, Fiona, received many many calls and e-mails Thursday after news broke — in the Globe — that the couple has decided to close their restaurant, Hamersley’s Bistro, after 27 years and untold roast chickens. “We’re humbled, for sure,” Hamersley told us when, unbelievably, our call didn’t go directly to voice mail. If it wasn’t easy to get a reservation before, it really won’t be easy now that everyone knows the place in the South End is closing in October. “We went from a reasonable amount of reservations [Thursday] to an almost unreasonable amount of reservations,” Hamersley said. News travels fast and, it seems, far. “People are checking in from all over the country and all over the world — I heard from someone in South Africa this morning,” he said. Of course, several chefs and others in Boston’s robust foodie fraternity checked in, among them Scampo’s Lydia Shire, Clio’s Ken Oringer, Jason Bond at Bondir, and Jeff Gates with the Aquitaine Group. It’s clear Hamersley is leaving the local restaurant scene better than he found it. “I don’t think it’s any secret that it was Julia Child who convinced me to move back to Boston from France, instead of California,” he said. “She said to me over lunch that Boston could potentially be a wonderful new place to cook and to thrive. She was right. Every year, there’s a new great restaurant opening and a new great chef. Nothing could make me prouder of the city than that.”