Local artist to exhibit in McConaughey movie

Marcia Crumley
This painting by local artist Marcia Crumley has been rented for use in new Matthew McConaughey movie “Sea of Trees,” shooting now in Worcester.

When the Matthew McConaughey movie now filming in Worcester finally hits theaters, artist Marcia Crumley will be looking less at McConaughey and more at the background. That’s because the person decorating the set of “Sea of Trees” has rented several of Crumley’s paintings (including the one at right) for use in the film. “Someone working for the set decorator saw my card in the South End,” Crumley told us Tuesday. The production team rented five of her brightly colored landscapes, paying the artist between 15 and 30 percent what the paintings would have cost to buy. The movie, directed by Gus Van Sant and costarring Ken Watanabe and Naomi Watts, is about an American who’s planning to commit suicide in Japan’s “Suicide Forest,” when he meets a Japanese man there for the same reason. “I hope he doesn’t look at my paintings and then go off [to the forest],” Crumley said. “That wouldn’t be good publicity.”