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‘Shutter Island’ might be a TV show

From left, Ben Kingsley, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Mark Ruffalo in the movie “Shutter Island.”ANDREW COOPER/Photo Credit: Andrew Cooper SMPS

“Shutter Island” as a TV show? HBO and Paramount Television think it’ll work. HBO, which just renewed “The Leftovers,” based on the novel by Belmont author Tom Perrotta, and Paramount are working with Boston author Dennis Lehane and director Martin Scorsese to adapt “Shutter Island” for television, according to The website reports that the show is being called “Ashecliffe” (the psychiatric hospital in the thriller), and that Lehane will write the pilot script for Scorsese to direct. Scorsese filmed the 2010 movie adaptation of Lehane’s 2003 novel, “Shutter Island,” around Boston. We reached out to Lehane to find out whether the show would be filmed in Boston, and he said it’s way too early to think about that (and that Scorsese would make that kind of decision).