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Before starting HBO’s “True Detective,” Vince Vaughn must complete “Unfinished Business,” the movie he started filming last fall in Boston, and where he was back at work over the weekend. The project, originally called “Business Trip,” also stars Dave Franco, Sienna Miller (who was in the recently filmed “Black Mass” adaptation in Boston), and Tom Wilkinson. Franco told the Daily Beast about the project over the summer. “I’m really proud of this one. I play a kid with Asperger’s, and it’s one of these roles that was very terrifying for me to play, and it’s going to be one of these things where people either fully embrace it, or I’m never going to work again. But I went for it and I trusted the director and hope he’ll temper the performance so it doesn’t seem too over-the-top. . . . It is very R-rated, and Vince Vaughn is going to be great in the movie.” The director is Ken Scott, who helmed Vaughn’s “Delivery Man.”