Amy Poehler promotes book here

By her own admission, Amy Poehler was ambivalent about writing a book. And, according to some critics at least, it shows in her new memoir, “Yes Please.” Of course, that mattered not at all to fans of the “Parks and Recreation” star, who packed the Back Bay Events Center Wednesday to hear Poehler chat with her high school English teacher Kathy Dalton. (Before she was a star on “Saturday Night Live” or cohosting the Golden Globes, Poehler was a precocious 14-year-old student in Dalton’s freshman class at Burlington High School.) Wednesday’s event, sponsored by Harvard Book Store, sold out instantly and everyone who bought a ticket got a copy of Poehler’s book. (She didn’t sign books and Poehler’s peeps strictly forbade media from taking photos.) “This is payback for every time you made us do book reports,” Poehler told Dalton. The comedian said growing up in Burlington was distinctly uneventful, listing “gypsy moths, lice, scoliosis, and nuclear war” as her greatest fears. Though she returns to Boston fairly often, Poehler said talking about her performance in a high school musical (“Once Upon a Mattress”) with her high school teacher was surreal. “I guess time travel is real,” she said.

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