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Sienna Miller finds honor in ‘American Sniper’

Sienna Miller. Getty Images

Bostonians who attended Tuesday night’s special preview screening of “American Sniper” at AMC Loews Boston Common not only got a first look at Clint Eastwood’s latest film, but also got to see Sienna Miller in person. Following the movie, the actress joined the audience to answer an array of questions. The discussion ranged from director Eastwood’s mannerisms to Bradley Cooper’s muscles, but also hit some depths. “It was so personal and intimate,” Miller said, of playing Taya, the wife of Chris Kyle, the real-life American sniper who served four tours in Iraq. “You get a strong sense of their love.” Miller went on to explain Cooper’s dedication to his leading role. “He’s a phenomenal actor,” she said. “He never broke character, so I really got to know Chris Kyle before Bradley Cooper.” Miller also reflected on her own understanding of the war, and how it has encouraged her to give back. The actress went to a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon over the summer. “We’ve been at war and it is easy to feel it at a distance,” said Miller. “I have a huge newfound understanding and respect for it.” “American Sniper” will be released in January.

Correction: In an earlier version of the headline and photo caption, actress Sienna Miller’s name was misspelled.