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Does Mark Wahlberg want to be a police officer?

Actor Mark Wahlberg in Hollywood on Nov. 8.Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

There are all sorts of theories about the reason Mark Wahlberg is asking the Massachusetts Board of Pardons to erase a felony assault conviction from his criminal record: Maybe, like Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, he eventually wants to stop acting and run for governor of California; or maybe, as he claims in his request to the state, he just wants "formal recognition" that he isn't the same person who viciously beat a Vietnamese man in 1988; or maybe he wants to be a police officer. Yes, the latest theory is that the actor-producer formerly known as Marky Mark wants a clean record because he's interested in becoming a reserve officer with the Los Angeles Police Department. In his application for the pardon, Wahlberg, 43, says he's "become close" with law enforcement in LA, "but, given my prior record, Massachusetts and California law prohibit me from actually obtaining positions in law enforcement." Reserve officers in LA receive the same training as full-time officers and perform many of the same duties, but they're volunteers. Problem is, according to the LAPD's website, reserve officers "must not have a history of criminal or improper personal conduct that may affect suitability for police work." It's apparently not enough that Wahlberg has played a cop a few times on screen, most notably in "The Departed." Neither Wahlberg nor his publicist could be reached for comment Monday.

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