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Cash Money? Hack reveals celebrities’ aliases

The recent cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment has reportedly resulted in leaked aliases used by Hollywood celebrities while incognito to check into hotels or use car booking services.

Fusion’s Kevin Roose reported Monday night that the hackers allegedly exposed documents revealing the fake names along with contact details, like phone numbers and e-mail addresses, for some stars and other staff on movie projects.

While a couple of the stars use real names — Taye Diggs and Ice Cube — others appear to have some fun with their phony names: Jessica Alba uses “Cash Money,” for instance.

The cyberattack that occurred in late November, which disrupted the company’s computer system and spewed confidential information onto the Internet, is under investigation by the FBI.


Sony workers reportedly saw a message appear on their computer screens that said ‘‘Hacked by #GOP,’’ which may be the initials of a group calling itself Guardians of Peace, according to the Associated Press

Copies of some unreleased Sony films such as ‘‘Still Alice,’’ “Annie,’’ “Mr. Turner,’’ and ‘‘To Write Love on Her Arms’’ are now being distributed on unauthorized file-sharing websites, as well as the still-in-theaters ‘‘Fury,’’ although a direct connection to the hacking hasn’t been confirmed.

Culver City, Calif.-based Sony Pictures previously said in a statement that it is continuing ‘‘to work through issues related to what was clearly a cyber attack ... The company has restored a number of important services to ensure ongoing business continuity and is working closely with law enforcement officials to investigate the matter.’’

Below are some of the stars whose fake names have reportedly been revealed.

Jessica Alba: ‘Cash Money’

Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

Tom Hanks: ‘Harry Lauder’ and ‘Johnny Madrid’


Sarah Michelle Gellar: ‘Neely O’Hara’

Getty Images

Tobey Maguire: ‘Neil Deep’

Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Natalie Portman: ‘Lauren Brown’

Getty Images

Clive Owen: ‘Robert Fenton’

AFP/Getty Images

Taye Diggs: ‘Scott Diggs’ (his real name)

Invision for Stoli Vodka

Jude Law: ‘Mr. Perry’

Getty Images

Daniel Craig: ‘Olwen Williams’


Ice Cube: ‘Darius Stone’ and ‘O’Shea Jackson’

Darius Stone is the name of Ice Cube’s character in ‘xXx: State of the Union’ and O’Shea Jackson is his real name.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Debra Messing: ‘Ava Harper’


Rob Schneider: ‘Nazzo Good’ (Not so good)

Getty Images

The Associated Press contributed to this report.