It should come as no surprise that when the Patriots take the field Sunday night against the Colts, plenty of NFL fans will be rooting against the home team. Success has a knack of turning people off. One of the haters is writer George R.R. Martin, whose fantasy series “A Song of Ice and Fire” is the basis for HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” Martin has an intense antipathy for the Patriots generally, and Bill Belichick in particular. A longtime New York Jets fan, Martin writes about football often on his very entertaining blog, and he’s never complimentary about the Pats coach. “What a vile thing is Evil Little Bill,” Martin wrote way back in 2013. “The way he treated Wes Welker is disgraceful. Man has absolutely no loyalty to anyone. Watch and see, when Tom Brady’s talents start to fade. . . and they will, it happens to all of them, Evil Little Bill will ship him out as well.” As you might imagine, Martin is none too pleased that the Pats are still playing in January. Before last week’s game against the Ravens, he picked Baltimore to beat “Evil Little Bill and his Patriots.” And do you think he gave them any credit for overcoming two 14-point deficits? Nope. Martin wrote that the Pats were “aided by what the Ravens coach called a ‘substitution trick,’ which wasn’t illegal but probably should be. No one ever said Evil Little Bill wasn’t clever.” Martin’s pretty smart, too. He says Andrew Luck and the Colts don’t “have a chance in hell of beating the Patriots.”