New issue of ‘Batgirl’ features South Street Diner

It’s not quite as iconic as, say, the Bunker Hill Monument, but the South Street Diner is a familiar presence in popular culture. The diner, which is technically located on Kneeland Street, has made a cameo in several films, including such not-so-classics as “Hiding Out” (starring Jon Cryer), “Second Sight” (starring John Larroquette), “House Guest” (starring Steve Martin), and “21” (starring Kevin Spacey). Now, the eatery favored by the after-hours crowd gets a close-up in the new issue of the DC Comic Batgirl. The diner isn’t identified by name, but it doesn’t have to be: The giant coffee cup perched on the rooftop is a dead giveaway. Owner Sol Sidell said he found out about the comic when a customer mentioned it on Twitter. “I ran to New England Comics in Malden and bought 10 copies,” Sidell told us. “I’m framing two of them and giving one to my mother.”