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Dropkick Murphys tell Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to ship out

JIM YOUNG/reuters

The Dropkick Murphys are not on board with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (above). After hearing that the Republican presidential hopeful used the band’s anthem “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” during his appearance at the Iowa Freedom Summit on Saturday, the band tweeted, “@ScottWalker @GovWalker please stop using our music in any way . . . we literally hate you !!! Love, Dropkick Murphys.” No word from the Walker camp. We e-mailed the office Sunday and haven’t heard back. This isn’t the first time that the Dropkicks have spoken out about their song being used by Wisconsin politicians. On May 13, 2012, the band posted a note on its Facebook page saying, “We just got word that Wisconsin state rep and speaker of the state assembly Jeff Fitzgerald used ‘Shipping Up to Boston’ as his walk-on song yesterday at the Wisconsin GOP Convention in Green Bay. The stupidity and irony of this is laughable. A Wisconsin Republican US Senate candidate — and crony of anti-union Governor Scott Walker — using a Dropkick Murphys song as an intro is like a white supremacist coming out to gangsta rap! Fitzgerald: If you and your staff can’t even figure out your music you might wanna give up on the politics!!!!! We stand beside our Union and Labor brothers and sisters and their families in Wisconsin and all over the US! — DKM.” After that, Fitzgerald told the Huffington Post he would stop using the song.