A microphone at the Munich Security Conference in Germany picked up, if not a state secret, at least a bit of privileged information. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov congratulated Secretary of State John Kerry on the birth of his latest grandchild. It seems Kerry’s younger daughter, Vanessa, delivered Livia Forbes Kerry Nahed on Friday at Mass. General, where mother and father, Brian, are doctors. Livia, who’s named for Vanessa’s godmother, weighed in at
8 pounds, 3 ounces. (Her brother, Alexander, will turn 3 in April, and Kerry’s older daughter, Alexandra, had a daughter, Isabelle, last year.) Kerry met his new granddaughter Sunday when he made a brief stop in Boston on his flight back to Washington from Germany. We’re told he even came bearing gifts: On a recent visit to Switzerland, Kerry picked up a hand-carved wooden cuckoo clock that plays music at the top and bottom of each hour.