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Celtics fan Gotham Chopra profiles Kobe Bryant for Showtime

Gotham Chopra (top), and Kobe Bryant (above) on camera.
Gotham Chopra (top), and Kobe Bryant (above) on camera.

The new Showtime documentary “Kobe Bryant’s Muse,” which airs Feb. 28, was made by a Boston-bred Celtics fan. Director Gotham Chopra (son of Deepak Chopra) grew up around town, went to the Belmont Hill School, and has remained a diehard supporter of New England teams, despite living on the West Coast. He even made it to the Super Bowl. “I’m still recovering from that,” he said. Chopra’s passion for the Celtics has fueled a longtime obsession with the rival team. “The Lakers have been sort of this fascinating mythology for me,” he said. Chopra met Bryant socially, and more than a year later they decided there was a documentary to be made about his career. Chopra promises that even though Bryant is an executive producer on the project, he doesn’t censor his story. “He said, this is the [expletive] you can’t Google,” Chopra told us. He added Bryant is a true historian when it comes to the game and that he “knew more about the Celtics than anyone I had ever met.” Chopra’s doc work isn’t limited to sports, but he does enjoy the subject matter. His
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