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Title IX warriors Annie E. Clark and Andrea Pino were at the Coolidge Corner Theatre on Sunday evening for a screening of the documentary “The Hunting Ground.”

The film by Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering (who made the Oscar-nominated doc “The Invisible War”) looks at sexual assault on college campuses. Clark and Pino, two of the subjects of the film, both reported to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that they were raped while students at the school. Unsatisfied by the administration’s response, the women filed Title IX complaints against UNC. They have since founded the organization End Rape on Campus, which helps other students follow their lead.


“We should trust universities to do the right thing, but it doesn’t happen because there’s no incentive to do so,” Clark said after the film.

The women told the Coolidge
audience that they hope the film — which focuses some of its attention on a specific case at Harvard — will prompt campuses to look at their

Clark also suggested that alumni backers of schools could withhold
donations from colleges that don’t protect students and survivors.
The pair also spoke in favor of the
Campus Accountability and Safety Act, which would allow universities to be fined 1 percent of a school’s
operating budget for failing to protect students from sexual predators.